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ISO9001:2015 quality management system change version certification
Release date:2017-10-12

ISO9001:2015Known as the "quality standards" for the next 25 years, the structure and requirement of a breakthrough change, compared with the old version such as: the risk of thinking, knowledge management, change management, process, organization environment, leadership, quality management principles based on the change, put forward higher requirements for the quality management of the enterprise.

The audit and evaluation by third party certification organizations comprehensive, strict and meticulous, Purple East passISO9001:2015Quality management system change version certification, confirmed that the company has a stable supply to meet customer requirements and applicable laws and regulations of the product and service capabilities. The scope of the certification is: wave soldering machine, selective wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, solder paste printing machine and SMT peripheral equipment (up and down machine, corner machine) R & D, manufacturing, dispensing machine research and development.