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Wave Soldering E-FLOW-S
Product features:

Transportation : Input board directly. Stainless steel chain conveyor, durable and special design for aluminum alloy track. Applied floating track for different stages for preventing deformation Pre-heating zones: Design for energy saving and removable modules (drawer design). Easy conversion between air flow and IR emitter heating system. Temperature uses the PID control to achieve ±2℃ accuracy. The temperature variation for pre-heating zone and soldering zone is less than≤5℃. Spray external,the spray and michine can be integrated control,no increase in costs,inside the furnace body from recipient flux disturbance,electricity box safe and clean. The solder pot is made by cast iron with anti-corrosion ceramic coating equipped with two low flow rate nozzles. Air cooling system : cooling rate 4-6 ℃ /s (adjustable) PC+PLC electric control system. Windows operation interface with Chinese/English version. Saving and loading parameter setting. Detecting the temperature profile. Alarm for detecting the flux and solder level

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