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selective welding SUNFLOW S
Product features:

1, independent research and development of electromagnetic pump;
2, the roller conveyor system, increase the welding space;
3, modular design, easy maintenance;
4, the whole process display welding state.

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on-line selective independent welding machine

1、Electromagnetic solder pump

2、The roller conveyor system, increase welding space

3、Modular design, easy to maintain

4、The whole display welding state

Product introduction:

Working process:
Send a PCB to the specified location

Electromagnetic pump according to the programming path for welding, at the same time at the top of the hot air preheating

PCB is transported out

The basic structure module:

Sunflow S offers electromagnetic pump system. There is no moving mechanical parts in pump system, so dust is little in process. The pump offer constant flow which translates into stable wave height. The soldering module has high precision axis system to ensure the accurate soldering path and with particular process, the system will eliminate the chance of bridging. Besides, process monitor screen and automatic soldering wave height detecting are very

friendly for users.

High quality soldering:

Feature and advantage

Wave stability
Quick-change solder nozzles
High quality nozzle(can use 2 months)
Small occupation space
Energy saving
Line change fast

Roller system:

Sunflow S transmission system adoption a roller conveyor, increase welding space, better close to the edge components of welding。

Fast and comfortable programing:

Different parameter for every soldering point

Process data record

Solutions to meet the high productivity:

● Modular design meet the requirements of flexibility and high productivity

● Suitable for double makeup,double capacity

Meet the makeup need two specifications nozzle to complete

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